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Twila WingroveTwila Wingrove

Associate Professor, Experimental Psychology

Twila earned a JD and PhD from the University of Nebraska. She has been a faculty member in the psychology department since 2009. She currently serves as Program Director for the Experimental Psychology MA program, where she teaches quantitative methods. Twila has expertise in experimental research design, survey and questionnaire development, factorial analyses, multiple regression analyses, and structural equation modeling. Her current line of academic research focuses on jury decision-making in sexual assault cases. 

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Research Consultants

Tyler Pyle

Tyler Pyle


B.S. Ecology/Evolutionanary/Environmental Biology

Tyler is a research consultant in his third year with the Research and  Data Analyses unit. He earned his B.S. in Ecology/Evolutionary/Environmental Biology at Appalachian State and is currently a Masters student in the biology program Tyler's variety of research projects has required the knowledge of a wide range of statistical skills making him a great asset to the team. With research and teaching as his passion, he aspires to attain his Ph.D. and ultimately, become a professor. In his free time, Tyler is an avid skier and can be found on the slopes or in front of the TV watching the Carolina Panthers or Charlotte Hornets.

Sidney Murray 

M.A. Experimental Psychology