Our Staff

Dr. Twila Wingrove


Dr. Twila Wingrove

Twila earned a JD and PhD from the University of Nebraska. She has been a faculty member in the psychology department since 2009. She currently serves as Program Director for the Experimental Psychology MA program. Twila has expertise in experimental research design, survey and questionnaire development, factorial analyses, multiple regression analyses, and structural equation modeling. Her current line of academic research focuses on jury decision-making in sexual assault cases. 

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Scott Marshall

Data Scientist & Computational Specialist

Dr. Scott T. Marshall

Dr. Marshall is a Professor in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences that specializes in Geophysics and Earthquake Science. His work focuses on computational modeling of earthquake-producing faults and analyses of satellite data. Through these experiences, Dr. Marshall has developed a broad range of data analysis, visualization, and automation skills. Before beginning graduate school, Dr. Marshall worked as a computer technician where he built and repaired custom computer systems for clients. To this day, he still builds his own custom computers for his research and has built numerous systems for colleagues.

Elizabeth Pearce

Research Consultant

Elizabeth Pearce

Seeking MA in Experimental Psychology

Elizabeth is an Appalachian State University alum twice over. After graduating from App in December of 2019, Elizabeth spent 18 months working in the Pitt County District Attorney's office before returning to App State's Experimental Psychology Master's program in the fall of 2021. Her primary research interests involve the behaviors of crime victims and ways services and policies that affect victims could be improved. Over the course of her educational career, Elizabeth has completed a variety of intermediate and advanced statistical courses and has designed and assisted with the design and analysis of research and data on various studies.

Elizabeth plans to continue researching issues that affect victims of violent crime, and ultimately hopes that her research and analysis will impact changes in policy and procedure for the betterment of those victims. As an RDA consultant, Elizabeth is pursuing opportunities to hone her skills in data analysis by learning new techniques and models for analysis and applying her knowledge of research and statistics to answer research questions from across disciplines.

In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys watching old comedy shows (currently enjoying M*A*S*H), and cuddling with her cat, Shermie.

Skyler Prowten

Research Consultant

Skyler Prowten, MA

MA in Experimental Psychology

Skyler graduated from North Carolina State University in 2019 after completing a double major in Psychology and Animal Science. She then worked in the animal care industry before enrolling in Appalachian State University's Experimental Psychology Master's program, where she graduated in the spring of 2023. Skyler's research interests generally fall into the realm of social and health psychology. In her academic career, Skyler completed numerous statistics courses as well as aiding in study design and data analysis for multiple projects.